Be and buy local

Responsible purchasing has always included buying locally produced products and buying from local outlets.  This is not always possible of course so many of us try to produce our own – witness the surge in vege gardens and chicken coops since the pandemic has hit. 

Many are also rediscovering what our parents and grandies have known for a while – we can re-use, recycle, and upcycle many things which can be shared locally. 

Buying and making locally keeps us closer to home and apart from stopping the spread of covid19 it also provides an economic upturn for local businesses and provides a more solid foundation for the development of a sustainable local economy. Not to mention being more climate conscious and saving the planet in other ways.

To do

  • Buy from local suppliers
  • Buy locally produced goods
  • Promote your own business to supply to other local and regional businesses
  • Get food delivered or takeaway from your local restaurant/cafe (in your own containers if possible)
  • Buy gift vouchers for friends and family from local shops and businesses.
  • Develop your own gift voucher system even if you are a service provider (solicitor, travel agency, accountant, student tutor) rather than a retailer
  • Let local businesses know you value them

Phone support, coaching, counselling

Need to talk to someone about your business, yourself, your workforce? These phone numbers are staffed to take calls.

Coronavirus small business support (Qld Govt)  132 846

Coronavirus information  1300 654 687

Lifeline    13 11 14

Beyond Blue   1300 22 4636

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