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The pandemic has caused all tiers of government to take action to protect the health of people, protect the livelihoods of businesses and workers and provide financial and social support to those in need.  As the pandemic unfolds and the plans for conquering covid are renewed there will be additional support processes put in place.

There have been glitches as some of these support programs struggle to meet demand.  It is fair to expect  patience and reliability to be tested and grow as we learn and move forward.

To do

  • These support programs change regularly so plug in to a reliable source for up to date information. The Australian Government site and the Queensland Government site are changed regularly. See the list of links to the various sources of information below.
  • Contact your elected government representatives to stay up to date with support allocated for businesses – support for businesses is available from all three tiers of government.
  • The Moreton Bay Regional Council has made decisions recently which reduce costs for businesses.
  • The Australian Tax Office provides information on what they are doing to support businesses
  • If you need help interpreting how to access direct financial help for your business contact your accountant who should be across what you qualify for
  • Look at costs including staffing levels, electricity bills and rent charges and see if any reductions can be given. Speak to people including your landlord, energy provider and accountant
  • Your industry network and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland may have information and advice specific to your business

Phone support, coaching, counselling

Need to talk to someone about your business, yourself, your workforce? These phone numbers are staffed to take calls.

Coronavirus small business support (Qld Govt)  132 846

Coronavirus information  1300 654 687

Lifeline    13 11 14

Beyond Blue   1300 22 4636

Contact us to arrange a phone chat through


Queensland has an official covid19 government website which provides constant updates on the State’s covid19 policies, practices, supports and other updates.

The Queensland Government has just announced the Small Business Adaption Grant ProgramSmall businesses can now apply for a grant of up to  $10,000 under a new $100 million package.

The Commonwealth Government website provides a summary of all support provided by that government and also contributions by banks for financial relief. The link shows full detail and Fact Sheets.

The Australian Tax Office provides advice on what is being done to help businesses

Local, State and Federal Government plus the private sector are providing a range of support services to startups and entrepreneurs during COVID-19 business disruption. 

The Australian Government is providing direct financial assistance to eligible small and medium sized businesses and not-for-profits that employ people.

The Qld government has developed a tool to help businesses find the relevant business assistance available: the Business Assistance Finder.

A new online toolkit has been launched to provide detailed guidance for businesses and workers on how to stay safe from COVID-19. 

If you have goods or services to offer the Queensland Government that supports efforts to treat and control COVID-19 you can contact

Websites for the Queensland Government and Moreton Bay Regional Council provide information relevant to businesses and the community.

Contact Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay for help with accessing information and advice on covid response programs for businesses.

.The ABC news feed is a consistent and reliable source of up to date information on a national basis

The Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise has put together a guide to assist businesses with information and resources on how to navigate the disruptions caused by COVID-19. 


Short videos of how people are trying to cope with this pandemic are to be added as we come across them.  Your contributions are eagerly sought.  Please send to


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