It takes a Village …. help and be helped

Everyone expects that in very tough times nationally and internationally that governments will play a significant role. This is happening. What is also happening is that families, schools, neighbourhoods, businesses, community organisations,  towns and villages are playing their role.  We are, in the great majority of instances, doing the right thing to conquer covid. Never has there been a more important time to act out all that is the true meaning of “It takes a village”  

We are indeed all in this together and as a community, nation and planet we will only be as strong as our weakest link. Let us continue to be strong, be informed, be wise, be respectful and be kind.

 To do

  • Work as a collective – call your business partners and networks regularly for their benefit as well as your own
  • Be kind to each other in your community and even more so to the most vulnerable
  • Do more business with other local businesses
  • Share information with businesses and the community on how to Conquer Covid
  • Sponsor, if you can, the work being done by groups and businesses in the community to Conquer Covid.
  • Take a fun initiative and share it – an online quiz started by a gym in the community is being tried in at least one village.
  • Join the community connecting ideas of ‘teddy bear on the front fence or front window’ or ‘fairy lights to join our houses, shops and neighbourhoods’ to show solidarity in conquering covid
  • Connect with your Sustainable Business Precinct if you have one
  • Be aware of what the latest neuroscience says – we are more likely to take on new ways of doing things and act collectively if we:
    1. Are treated fairly
    2. Feel like we are on the same page as others
    3. Feel we have increased autonomy to act individually and as part of a collective
    4. Feel there is increased certainty that if we act in a particular way that it will have a good outcome
    5. Feel an increased sense of self fulfilment through what we choose to do
    6. Feel appreciated for what we have already done

    It is easy to see from this list why people have been sorely tested by the onset of the covid19 pandemic – many items on the  list would not be perceived by people to have existed in abundance re covid19, at least initially. That is changing. We could do well in our own reflections and in the way we talk and live with each other if we use this as a checklist for our actions in our village.

  • Be happy to help and be helped

Phone support, coaching, counselling

Need to talk to someone about your business, yourself, your workforce? These phone numbers are staffed to take calls.

Coronavirus small business support (Qld Govt)  132 846

Coronavirus information  1300 654 687

Lifeline    13 11 14

Beyond Blue   1300 22 4636

Contact us to arrange a phone chat through


Lifeline provides excellent services to support our wellbeing in difficult times

ABC news provides some very useful tips on wellbeing

In the Samford Valley the Sustainable Business Precinct, the Sustainable Startup Hub and the Samford Chamber of Commerce are helping businesses to build their resilience.

Across the Moreton Bay Region the Sustainable Moreton Bay project initiated by Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay provides guidance on building a sustainable business and on financial support for businesses by government.

Businesses can be helped through the larger ’village’ of government through these sites.

National :


The Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise has put together a guide to assist businesses with information and resources on how to navigate the disruptions caused by COVID-19. 



Short videos of how people are trying to cope with this pandemic are to be added as we come across them.  Your contributions are eagerly sought.  Please send to


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This website and associated supports is our best start-up effort  and we’d love you to tell us where it works for you and where we could do things differently.  Indeed, we need your help big time. Please give feedback, give ideas and insights and send stories and short videos so we can bring extra life into Conquering Covid!