Reframing your business with an eye on the post-covid world

No doubt there is a real unfairness felt by businesses in that covid is not of our making. It has landed on us without invitation and is testing our personal and economic resilience. Many otherwise viable businesses are struggling or closing down.  Its simply not fair… and we need all of ‘it takes a village’ to push through.

Covid19 has highlighted  the fragility of our economic and health systems.  They are far more fragile than we thought, even allowing for the power of the pandemic. Global supply chains have been disrupted and the safety nets of many businesses have been shown to be insufficient to cope.

Maybe one important learning for us from covid19 is that it has stressed the need to build resilience within our businesses for the present and the future, thus allowing us to cope better with shocks and crises. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable as we often do not have the scale and resources, which larger business are more likely to have, to outlast shocks and crises.

There will be lessons that signal what we should do with our current business or even a startup business in the post-covid world.  There are startups happening right now.

The issues many have faced re retaining staff or retraining them or letting them go have been tough on everyone.  Yet it has provided time to consider the renewed makeup of a new workforce with a renewed business vision. Hardly any solace for affected businesses right now but nevertheless an opportunity for both the business and new and retrainable workers.

Then there’s the not-so-small task of reframing our businesses immediately if we are affected significantly right now.

To do

  • Engage with staff and other friends of your business as co-designers and solvers of the problem
  • Acknowledge your business’s strengths and those of your workers and try to figure alternative ways right now – acknowledging that most of us have had to do that already and are likely in the middle of that process. There may be hidden individual and collective capability that, if activated, may be an immediate and long-term strength.
  • Identify the covid19 related factors which seem to be most affecting the market place and new needs perhaps not yet met by the business world
  • Go to the Circular Economy concepts and practical ideas to look at future proofing your business within a collaborative and sustainability-oriented framework
  • If your business has had to close down you may be pretty stressed so it may not seem possible to use the time to invest in planning for the post-covid world, but maybe that’s worth a go in the not too distant future.  Help is available.

Phone support, coaching, counselling

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Here’s a short inspirational movie every business owner or entrepreneur should watch. It’s from an Australian business group introduced by Mark Bouris and shows how businesses can get stronger together as a result of current events, how “tall poppies’ can be celebrated, and how collaboration is the way to do it.

This link gives some practical detail on working with the circular economy with a reference to a top ten components.

This link provides comprehensive information on developing a strong sustainability base for your business and enables you to assess your current level of sustainability. It also allows you to start or join a Green Street Sustainable Business precinct.

You may find that this high level report from the Club of Rome on the circular economy may have relevance to Australia




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