Sanity and self isolation

In efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, many Australians are currently in self-quarantine or isolation. Business owners may feel particularly isolated as they contemplate their situation and the future of their business, their workers and themselves.

Whilst we all have longed for a relaxed day off from going to work, the vast reality of self isolation can be very different. Spending each day working from home or doing jobs around the house can become tedious, and such a dramatic reduction in social contact may be daunting. Yet, many people are finding creative ways to make self-quarantine or isolation less tiresome. Ensuring you continue regular exercise, maintain a sense of headspace and keep a healthy and regular routine are amongst the top tips.

 To do 

  • Create at home workouts using stairs, weights and any other home resources. Be creative!
  • Check in with your family or other isolation housemates. It’s important to be open with your loved ones in times like these as it is an unusual situation for all, and everyone is at risk of feeling confused or down.
  • Keeping a healthy and regular diet is essential for staying sane during these times. Loneliness and isolation can have a huge impact on appetite, making it easy to give up on your healthy habits and indulge in unhealthy ones. Staying at home makes it more tempting to skip meals and snack throughout the day, but it’s important to ensure a balanced diet.
  • Join the community connecting ideas of ‘teddy bear on the front fence or front window’ or ‘fairy lights to join our houses, shops and neighbourhoods’ to show solidarity in conquering covid
  • Get some Vitamin D when possible. Going for a short walk around the block is a good way to get your legs moving and gain some sunlight.
  • Maintain regular sleep routines. A good night’s sleep is paramount to an efficient and effective day.
  • If you are missing social contact and chatting with your friends, give them a call! Video chats and phone calls are a great way to give yourself a break from working at home, giving you a chance to catch up and see how your friends are dealing with isolation.

Phone support, coaching, counselling

Need to talk to someone about your business, yourself, your workforce? These phone numbers are staffed to take calls.

Coronavirus small business support (Qld Govt)  132 846

Coronavirus information  1300 654 687

Lifeline    13 11 14

Beyond Blue   1300 22 4636

Contact us to arrange a phone chat through


Lifeline provides excellent services to support our mental health in difficult times

ABC news provides some very useful tips on staying sane while isolated

Helpful hints from an astronaut could be a big help

Some useful self isolation tips in this UK site

Psychologist’s guide provides advice on handling stress:

The local Samford Sustainable Business Precinct provides the opportunity for collective action on business resilience and connecting business owners.



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